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Jedidja Smalbil (1996) works mostly with analog photography as a medium.

‘I photograph my nearest surroundings in everyday life, I grasp (an elapsed) time, conserve, without concluding a narrative; i compare the images with the flashes of images which our memory does not cope very well with: how voices sounded, rooms smelled, and things felt.  

The fragility, sensibility and decay which have seemed to be a constant presence in my work are enlarged until almost all details are visible; it could be a glance of truth or a trick of perception. Those ‘desolated man-made landscapes’  leave a suggestion of something which once was present or what once has happened, what was true but is missing; the traces of the now absent.’


Born 1996, the Netherlands

Currently living and working in Groningen, the Netherlands.


2014 – 2018 : Bachelor Fine Arts, Academy Minerva Groningen, The Netherlands.

Currently Participating at the Apprentice Master Project of Kunstpodium T 2018/2019


SOON 2019 : 28th of March K38 RODEN /// 4th of April, TAC EINDHOVEN


‘Kunst in de kerk’ Nicolaikerk Appingedam. December 2018.

‘Nieuwe oogst’ Afslag BLV, dependance Museum Belvédère. Sept/Nov 2018.

‘Headliners’ (Graduationshow) Suikerfabriek, Groningen. June 2018.

‘It’s not me, it’s you’  ZUHAUSE, Groningen. Feb 2018


‘We, people in transition’  UMCG Groningen. June/Sept 2017.

‘Loop///Pool’  Gallery Sign, Groningen. May, 2017.

‘IkzieIkzie’  Wiebengacomplex, Groningen. April 2017.

‘Tents’  Machinefabriek Raw, NNT Groningen. April 2017.

January Expo’ Academie Minerva, Groningen. January 2017.


Collaboration at Student Hotel, Jochem & Victoria, Groningen. Sept. 2016.

‘Ik zie, Ik zie’ Academie Minerva, Groningen. June 2016.

‘Ik zie, Ik zie’ Helpman, Groningen. June 2016.

‘Breakfast with Jochem & Victoria’  Academie Minerva, Groningen. June 2016.


August 2017; Metropolis M, Graduation work of Victoria Romp. Issue nr 4.

January 2017; Jochem & Victoria’  published in ‘De Nieuwe’ Nr. 36, The Physical Body.